Guide to Software Marketing


This concise article will tell you in simple English how you could promote your software program without problems and correctly.

Submit your software

I advise submitting your software program to add.Com. It costs $seventy nine dollars a year, but is well worth it. It will display your product on down load.Com and its accomplice community made up of 20 different major down load web sites. Download.Com is so popular that in case your product changed into best listed on down load.Com it might nonetheless be worth the yearly charge.

Download Shareit Apk

Use Rudenko’s (publish.Rudenko.Com) software program submission provider to post your software program to masses of software program archives. Unlike car-put up programs, Rudenko has employees manually submit your software program to each archive so it’s miles much less probable to be rejected.

Rudenko’s software program submission service is likewise useful because maximum of the software data will have a hyperlink in your internet site. Relevant pages that hyperlink for your website increase your link popularity. The better your link popularity the better your search engine ranking might be, specifically in Google. Rudenko’s software program submission carrier costs $70 and in case you include “David Mahler – 10% cut price” in the remark field you will receive 10% off.

Promote through your internet site

If you’ve got a website than you may sell your software at no cost by using effective search engine optimization techniques.

You canĀ Download shareit apk here.

The two key elements for search engine optimization are effective titles and clear body text. Make certain that the titles are applicable, particular to every page, and consist of key phrases which might be probably to be searched. Body text have to be clear, concise and saturated with key terms. Feel unfastened to add your key word as often because it seems natural to accomplish that. Before you put up your masterpiece, check your website copy by way of reading it out loud to yourself or to a chum. If it sounds awkward you likely want to take a few of those key terms out. Remember it’s miles crucial to write down for both human beings and serps.

For greater records on seo I notably propose highrankings.Com.

Have someone else do the paintings

Websites like shareit.Com and cj.Com assist you to partner with affiliates that distribute your software for you. This is an easy way to get your product accessible but you may expect to pay a fee to the affiliate.


Whether you are a sole proprietor or a primary organisation, these software program advertising techniques can be powerful in promoting your software program.